This website is a wallpaper shop dedicated to the sale of Classic TARDIS wallpaper licensed by the BBC...NOT computer wallpaper, we've got the real stuff to hang on your walls!

Have you ever wanted to have your own TARDIS control room?

Well now you can with this exciting new, officially licensed by the BBC wallpaper! This high quality wallpaper manufactured in the U.K. is as close to the original dimensions we where able to achieve within the constraints of the standard wallpaper sizes available, each roll being 52cm wide & 10m in length. Just  £30 a roll for the 'Roundels' pattern inc. UK shipping, it's even been colour matched  to a paint sample from the 1980's screen control room set for complete authenticity!

 Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor, in the Classic TARDIS wallpaper display FFCC 2015

Just to let you all know that there are loads of rolls of 'roundels' still available from the online shop but only eight rolls of 'column' left. We have no plans to print anymore at the moment.


FOR JUST £95 inc. UK shipping ARE ON SALE AT


   Wallpapering is a skilled job. If in doubt please consult an expert.