This lovely write up was found on a blog called 'Transcendental Musings' by a fellow named Ben. It outlines the versatility and possible uses of the wallpaper so beautifully we were quite taken aback! In answer to his final question, you can purchase samples from our online shop.

Doctor Who wallpaper

Well a rather nifty product has appeared from a independent company who have taken a bold intuitive step. Remember the wallpapers we had as a kid the cartoon film tie in ones? Well now,  ladies and gentlemen, you can have your very own  TARDIS. This wallpaper isn't just pretty pictures it makes up into the actual console room the main room of the TARDIS and now you to can live in the Doctors TARDIS

This frankly is breathtakingly brilliant. It is the most original idea I have ever seen, fresh thinking here. Where was this when I was a kid? It is open to a wide range of ideas, if you don't have a room to decorate how about recreating the TARDIS corridors? Hallways would look good or how about that TARDIS bathroom or recreate the TARDIS bedrooms ?

One thing I am sure you have noticed is there grey roundels,  which is a shame as the sandy colour of the original was definitive. But there was certain sections of wall that had grey roundels, like the wall  next to the interior door seen in many stories, corridor walls, bedroom walls  and lets not forget the doors. Every detail on the ridges is reproduced perfectly here so this is 100% accurate and scaled to fit perfectly on your chosen flat surface, so maybe eventually we will get the sand colour ones as well in due course

Heck, if you look at the wallpaper on their site the background image is a black roundel wall version. One for the goths and emo's I hear you ask? No it is actually the Master's TARDIS which always was identical to the Doctor's just in obsidian black. So maybe they're thinking of producing that eventually or maybe they thought this works best for the site and are unaware. Either way it goes to show the versatility of this great product.

This should have your mind racing into overdrive, you can basically do any console room from '78 to '89 or any part of the TARDIS that was seen on screen, or invent your own, the possibilities are endless. I also love the idea of instead of restricting you to one sheet or a set pattern each roll is a roll of roundels so you make your own pattern of choice ,and then they give you the columns to to finish the look off so the final design is up to you, this looks like it will be a quality produced product. Certainly looking at it there has been a lot of thought gone into it to recreate a precise look.

It is a little steep at £30 a roll but even if you only get one roll it will be worth it, this is one original nifty product and chances are you wont see the like of again and is a lot cheaper than building the real thing. All you have to do is get working on the console as consoles are not supplied. And just how fantastic is it to see the classic series get a look in?

I can't wait to get some and try it out. Now, where do I apply for product samples???


The reason this is important to us at 3DFX is because this was written by someone we all really admire. He goes under the name Purpleblancmange and is the guy responsible for the Classic sonic screwdriver toys! Look him up if you don't already... we do which is why this discovery on his site was such a thrill.....


If only they had this when I was a kid.

I think I've just stumbled across the coolest thing since sliced bread… if you're a fan of Doctor Who and the TARDIS, that is.  What could it possibly be?  Have you ever wanted to have your own TARDIS console room interior?  Well now you can and all those adventures in time and space are yours to create with this exciting new, officially licensed by the BBC wall paper product, yes - wall paper… in the style of the 1970′s and 1980′s console room.  All that's left for you to do is make your own console to stand in front of it. Lack of space? Just get rid of the bed, who needs that anyway? 

How cool is this?  Available from 3DFXwallpaper at £30 a roll, I don't know if that's value for money with something like this, but man - I'm tempted.  The wife and I were recently discussing redecorating the kids' room and I'm sure that I could convince the tykes that this is what they want.  Parental pressure?  No.

Looking at the details, each roll is 52cm wide and comprises of one roundel row… okay, so it's a little undersized, but who cares?  It's TARDIS Roundels - for your wall!  So then, you can have the staggered pattern or the non staggered pattern or both, all depending on how you hang the paper.  I just can't get over how neat this is.  Never before have I had such enthusiasm about wallpaper, my Mother will be so proud, up until the point she sees what it's all about.

Here's a close up of the roundel pattern.  Actually, it's very accurate and I do wonder where they got the model for this.  If I had to moan about something, it would be this; the roundels are grey.  Really these types were only seen on the double door wall as they were the ones re-used from the "secondary" console room that still had the wood effect paper inlays on them, thus they were painted over in light grey to hide this.  All the rest of the roundels around the set were the sandy fibreglass colour… not that any of this matters in the slightest!

I've just shown this to my wife, she walked in while I was writing this, and she said it looked 'pretty neat' so I think I'm in with a chance of getting this… I mean, the kids are in with a chance of getting this.

Well, there's little else to say about this, but for those of you who are fans of this kind of thing, I just thought I'd let you know about it.  I've still got a silly smile on my face about all this, who'd 'ave thunk it, TARDIS wallpaper!  And retro stylee too.  Madness, but in a great way.



The Who Shop in East Ham London now stocks our wallpaper and wrote it up beautifully...


  THIS IS FANTASTIC !!! At last the perfect wallpaper for the Classic Doctor Who Fan, Roundel Wallpaper, and not only that, the paper appears to have depth! This is manufactured in the U.K and it shows, it's gorgeous. The precision to detail is immaculate and it has been coloured matched to the original paint used on set from the 1980's ( yes someone still has a pot!). We also have the Column Wallpaper to complement and complete.Width of roll 20 and one half inches.

                                                                                                           The Who Shop.